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Since I get about 50 request to join this forum daily, and most of the users read like this: "upisilan" and their email looks like this "to.y.ll.jus.@gmail.com". I had to put a stop to the robots.
ok, as of 11-08-12, mods to cut spam will stop registration for a while ! use the "contact us" page to reply to the forum OR - "AlanQj" name, "bonus1" password ---4000 words per post , 3 links. save and copy posts until I can evaluate and edit and as necessary.
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--- BING ---

Postby TheeTFD » Mon Mar 25, 2019 5:15 pm

* Not as bad as I thought *
You know all these search engines try too hard to get you to look
somewhere on the web. You ask for a specific search even with
quotation marks and it will return 700K instants of one word or
the other. Often they find what you want. But if they can't they'll
load up a ton of weak B.S.
F' google
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