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Postby TheeTFD » Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:55 pm

Compounded by Stupid Living Conditions
We know fires start accidently, so why live in a heavily wooded area without trimming the trees ?
Why live in Florida without your roof strapped down for hurricanes ?
Why aren't there pools of water in wooded areas and all over the place ?
This "Camp Fire" fire disaster had a bunch of gubbers living in a trailer park, what luck.
But nearby some very sound homes got fried.
So to stop evaporation of aquafers they put 4in. plastic ball all over the surface.
It also stops some bad algae. Seems strange that there's a drought but they
block fresh water from going up to the sky. Of course it's going to blow all over
the place. Fresh water shouldn't be an issue, we should have aquafers all over the place.
Did Larry Brown invent NBA Head Coach white collar crime?

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